Faces After Suicide


“The drawing’s thin ink lines portray the common threads of each one of our unique stories. Gaps and spaces in the artwork represent the pieces that are missing in our lives and how broken we feel, but we are not broken.”

Faces After Suicide is an exhibition that was created to support suicide loss survivors and help promote forward thinking on raising awareness.

In 2015, Lindsey began drawing loss survivors in her support group meetings, capturing the spectrum of emotional repercussions suicide can leave on the ones who are left behind.

The drawings began as something to keep her hands busy while listening to the group’s insightful, yet heartbreaking experiences. Because the group is confidential, the blind-contour lines allow her to keep the anonymity of the attendees. Each drawing is titled by who that person lost to suicide.

What To Expect At The Exhibition

The growing collection of ink drawings of suicide loss survivors

A growing wall of letters written by loss survivors to their deceased

(check out more info below if you would like to contribute a letter)

A growing table of resources donated by local and global awareness/ prevention organizations for viewers to take

Have you lost someone to suicide and want to be part of the Faces After Suicide Exhibition?


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