How can we talk to our children about suicide?

Goodnight Mr. Vincent van Gogh

Goodnight Mr. Vincent van Gogh offers a gentle way of explaining suicide to a child without sweeping it under the rug. By starting an open and honest conversation with our youth, we can help break down the stigma and promote forward thinking on suicide awareness.

We need to teach our children that it’s ok to speak up and ask questions about feelings they might not understand instead of keeping our emotions hidden.

Together we can stay above the rug!


Author: Lindsey Doolittle

Illustrations: Bonnie Swade, Tom Phillips, Amy Abrams Persechini, Nora Hosic, Josie Puhak, Elaine Munyan, Stephanie Miller, Steve Arkin, Allie Doss, Abby Glezen, Michelle Osborn, Joshua Duncan, Roger Cooper, Greg Brostoski, Connie Bohannan-Roberts, Lindsey Doolittle

Publisher: FH Books Kansas City

Book Design: Gary Barber

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“This book is what the world needed.”

— Julie Cerel; 2018, President of the American Association of Suicidology

This book includes resources on suicide support, a space to write a letter to the one you lost to suicide, and a page where you can attach their photo.


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