I’m an Atheist


“If we know suicide doesn’t discriminate, then why are we discriminating people from the conversation? Suicide is everyone’s business.”

The world of grief and loss is saturated with religion. There are those who will push their beliefs on others without even considering or acknowledging that some are not comforted by the supernatural. Atheists are already marginalized and if you’re in mourning, it might be difficult to find a safe place to voice your non-beliefs, without fear of being ostracized or shunned.

Not too long after her late husband’s suicide, the artist found a community without religion called Oasis. Her blind-contour drawings capture speakers, musicians, various artists and activists seen at Oasis meetings.  

I was motivated to create this series because some of the very same people who say to speak up on mental health are also the ones creating silence and continuing the stigma. Are they really wanting to help everyone or just those who believe in the same religion as they do? I’ve been to awareness and prevention events that pray at the attendees or tell audiences that their loved one is in heaven with god. I’m an Atheist and so was my late husband. What if an audience was told there was no god? How would that make them feel?

Some atheists, agnostics, humanists, and/or freethinkers are told they are evil, immoral, misguided souls who are going to hell. Some will criticize secular communities, like Oasis, and dismiss them as an “Atheist Church.” For me, I am grateful that Oasis and communities like Oasis put people before beliefs. Thank you for reminding us that we can be good and godless. Thank you for welcoming and including those who dare to think differently. 




Safe Space; Entrance to Kansas City Oasis at the Uptown Theater

Oasis Values

Dr. Darrel Ray; creator of nonprofit organization Recovering from Religion and author of “The God Virus” and “Sex & God”

MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault)

Oasis Audience

How to take the 2020 Census

Veronica Malone; The Power of the Olympic Dream, Transgender Advocate

Drawdown Kansas City; Reverse Global Warming

Guy Adam Niederhauser

Miki P & the Swallowtails

Justice Gatson; Social Justice Doula

Terrance Wise; Fight for $15

Pat Nichols Country Blues

Uptown Theater

Carrah Quigley; The Craft of Acting

Jacob Cantrell

Kelly Hunt

Board Game Renaissance

Mk Mustard & Ron Ruhnke

David Krampus

reStart Inc.; Working together to end homelessness

Dr. Dave Tell; Remembering Emmett Till

Mk Mustard & Ron Ruhnke

Brian Ward

Nate Brame; Camp Quest Kansas City, a secular camp for youth


Kelly Hewitt; Immigration Law



Rowan Stewart; Billionaires & The Problem Evil

Rowan Stewart; Billionaires & The Problem Evil


40 year old virgin; it’s okay if you are not interested in having sex, it’s not okay to make fun of others for their choice not to have sex

Unfit Wives

Voler: Thieves of Flight

Camera Crew

Lakeside Nature Center of KC


Nathan Bailey; Bitcoin: So What?

Wildwood Outdoor Education Center

Vyckie Garrison; No Longer Quivering

Anthony Magnabosco; creator of Street Epistemology, How to ask questions and have a civil conversation about other’s beliefs and claims. Audience member Melissa Leytem

Jacob Cantrell

Friends of the Kaw - Kansas Riverkeeper

Kansas City Oasis