How can we talk to our children about suicide?

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The 2021, Award-Winning short animation gently explains a suicide loss to children without sweeping it under the rug.

The animation is based on the 2017 children’s book, “Goodnight Mr. Vincent Van Gogh,” which is on permanent display in the Vincent Van Gogh Library in Nuenen, Netherlands. (Rated G)

Writer & Director: Lindsey Doolittle

Animation & Editing: Brett Smith

Audio Production: Aaron Crawford

Narrator: Mercedes Silva

Title Narrators: Mercedes, Eliana, & Alejandro Silva

Illustrations: Bonnie Swade, Tom Phillips, Amy Abrams Persechini, Nora Hosic, Josie Puhak, Elaine Munyan, Stephanie Miller, Steve Arkin, Allie Doss, Abby Glezen, Michelle Osborn, Joshua Duncan, Roger Cooper, Greg Brostoski, Connie Bohannan-Roberts, Lindsey Doolittle

Talking to Kids About Suicide
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