Suicide Prevention Leaders (Exhibit)

Inspired by the overwhelming number of influential voices heard at the 2018 American Association of Suicidology‘s 51st Annual Conference in Washington D.C., Doolittle began creating a collection of blind-contour drawings that captured candid glimpses of different leaders in the pursuit of suicide prevention. These quick, honest, and sometimes broken lines allow her focus to be on the variety of activists; whether they may be part of an orginization, a speaker, an author, a loss survivor, an attempt survivor, a filmmaker, a facilitator, or someone who is just passionate about raising mental health awareness. This collection of drawings will only grow..

Jonathan Singer
Jonathan Singer, 2018, Ink on Paper (AAS Secretary, Co-Author “Suicide in Schools”)
Activist on Capitol Hill
Activist on Capitol Hill, 2018, Ink on Paper
Vanessa McGann
Vanessa McGann, 2018, Ink on Paper (AAS Survivors Division Chair)
Turning Point
To Share or Not to Share Workshop, 2018, Ink on Paper
Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas
Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, 2018, Ink on Paper (Speaker)
Sam Brinton on Capitol Hill
Sam Brinton, 2018, Ink on Paper (Head of Advocacy and Government Affairs at The Trevor Project)
Lisa Klein
Lisa Klein, 2018, Ink on Paper (Documentary Filmmaker of The “S” Word)
Clark Flatt on Capitol Hill
Clark Flatt, 2018, Ink on Paper (President of The Jason Flatt Act)
Untitled, 2018, Ink on Paper
Colleen Creighton on Capitol Hill
Colleen Creighton, 2018, Ink on Paper (AAS Executive Director)
Activists on Capitol Hill
Activists on Capitol Hill, 2018, Ink on Paper
David Covington on Capitol Hill
David Covington, 2018, Ink on Paper (AAS President-Elect)
Govan Martin
Govan Martin, 2018, Ink on Paper (Speaker)