Faces After Suicide (Exhibit)

Three weeks after her husband’s suicide in 2015, Doolittle began attending a support group SASS (Suicide Awareness Survivor Support). To keep her hands busy during group she began drawing her support group members, focusing on the emotional repercussions captured on their faces after the suicide death of their loved one’s. The candid ink drawings were captured in the style of blind-contour. This style of drawing allows the anonymity of support group members; with the exception for the two who started the group, Bonnie & Mickey Swade.  Each piece is titled by who the support group members lost. Sorrow, longing, rage, torture, uncomfortableness, confusion, numbness, relief, agony, and sometimes happy moments of memories are expressed with these seemingly simple, yet honest lines.

The exhibit also features handwritten letters to the deceased written by loss survivors. Doolittle found it cathartic and healthy to write multiple letters to her late husband and wanted the viewers of the exhibit to be able to read the many voices who are all left with the fact that the person who murdered their loved one, was their loved one. Many who end their life believe they are doing their family and friends a favor…that they will be better off without them. What they don’t know is that they unknowingly pass on their pain to everyone who is left behind..not just for days, months, or a couple of years. The pain of losing them lasts forever. We never get “over” their death, but we can get through it. Viewers that attend the exhibit who have been affected by a suicide loss are welcome to write a letter and add on to the wall of letters. This exhibit is bigger than just one person’s story. The more awareness we can create, the more impactful and eye-opening it will become. Please click here to download and print the submission letter.