April 9, 2019

At my late husband’s funeral the church would not allow the song, Across the Universe by the Beatles to be played. I didn’t want his funeral held at a church because Brett was an atheist, but the liaisons from the Kansas City Kansas Police Department – KCKPD told me that we needed room for over 500 officers to attend. Brett did not die by suicide because he was an atheist, (suicide does not discriminate any religion or non religion) but being an atheist was something he kept hidden from everyone. He did not want the #BoyScouts to know for fear of losing his position as District Commissioner and losing the people he worked with. To him it was better to just blend in and not be his true self around others…to not be judged or excluded from something that he loved and was connected to so dearly. I have so many thoughts about that, but instead I’m just going to play the song.

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