February 9, 2019

My heart goes out to the family of the officer from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department who attempted on his life Friday night and is awaiting organ donor recipients before being taken off of life support. I hope at the funeral that no officer will skip over the family and glare at them, I hope at the funeral that the chief will wear his uniform and not a suit, I hope the family are not used as catalysts and blamed for the officer’s suicide in the official report and autopsy report, I hope that officer’s will reach out to the family and let them know it is not their fault and perhaps stop in from time to time to check in to see if they are ok, I hope at least one officer will stop by the year after he has died to show that they care, I hope if the family reaches out to the chief that they will not be ignored, and I hope that this officer’s death will not be treated any differently than any other officer’s death moving forward. If you know any KCMO police officers please pass that message onto them for me and tell them I’m thinking of them too. My husband was Sgt. Brett Doolittle with the Kansas City Kansas Police Department – KCKPD and ended his life in 2015. There is not one day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about him and wish things would have been handled differently by his department. From one suicide loss survivor to another.. SASS-MoKan – Suicide Awareness Survivor Support and Through This Together will be there to support

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