December 12, 2018

I am so upset, I can barely see through my tears to write this post. My late husband’s chief from the Kansas City Kansas Police Department – KCKPDdid a news segment about mental health today and never once mentioned that his sergeant of 16 years, my husband of 7 years, killed himself in 2015. He mentions how “his department is not doing a good job of taking care of the mental health of his officers after 2 of his officers were killed in the line of duty” in 2016. How can chief Zeigler even mention Brad Lancaster or Robert Melton in the same breath when speaking about mental health without mentioning my husband Brett Doolittle?? Chief Zeigler shouldn’t even be allowed to talk about mental health when he views suicide as a black mark against the department. He shouldn’t be allowed to talk about mental health if he blames my marriage, USES my marriage as a catalyst in an official report and autopsy report for Brett’s suicide. Brett blamed the police department in his suicide letter but they never wrote that in their official report and I still don’t even blame the department for his death! And how dare he gets to talk about mental health when he can’t even break down his own stigmas and acknowledge that my husband even existed. I am not ashamed to talk about my late husband…why is he? I have reached out to the chief twice and he has ignored me twice. Would this happen to a widow who’s spouse died in the line of duty? I want the department to move forward in mental health..that’s what I’ve always wanted…but are they really moving forward…because deep down it doesn’t feel like it. After watching what I just watched, it still feels like there is such a festering mess that has been left behind. What happened to Brett could still easily happen in the department and how I was treated after he died, could very much become someone else’s reality. I was told I was part of the “law enforcement” family at the funeral…it’s funny that this so called “family” started only after the death of mine.

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