August 30, 2018

North Kansas City Schools will be training us educators on #suicideprevention tomorrow during professional development for the first time. I was asked for input on information and resources for the district. One of many important things I suggested, that they are teaching tomorrow is the importance of not saying “committed” suicide. Right after my husband killed himself 3 and a half years ago, SASS-MoKan – Suicide Awareness Survivor Support taught me the importance that language matters. My mentor and friend, Bonnie Swade, told us that “committed” holds a negative connotation and suggests that someone has “committed” a crime or sin. Suicide is neither. This is one small step educators can take to help break down the stigmas and lift the shame so that kids feel comfortable talking about suicide. I am grateful that NKCSD is recognizing suicide as a mental health condition and moving forward in prevention to make a better future for our kids.

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