July 31, 2018

Just received an email this morning that the National Fraternal Order of Police is embracing the efforts of creating a support network of Survivors of Police Suicides and are moving forward. I wanted to end my pain for a very long time and even attempted on my life after having my marriage blamed in the official Kansas City Kansas Police Department – KCKPD police report AND autopsy report for my husband’s suicide. You know, I have never mentioned my attempt for fear I will lose my job with North Kansas City Schools as an elementary art teacher, but I’m not afraid anymore because I know it’s the right thing to do and I have more support now than I’ve ever had in my life. Kids need to know it’s ok to speak up without having fear. My hope is for the families of police suicides will NEVER be blamed, judged, or shunned again from a department, that they will be treated with the same compassion and sympathy any mourner would receive despite the cause of death. I was ignored twice when I reached out twice to my late husband’s chief…hopefully that’s not going to happen again to another person..that would bring me great peace.

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