May 14, 2018

Found this little gem tucked away in a box that I thought was long forgotten. This was taken in my bedroom, when I was 16, Brett was 18, in 1999, a year after we began dating, when my late husband would teach me how to play “Come as You Are” and other Nirvana songs on his guitar. Brett was very talented, very smart, very private, and very hard on himself. He never once thought he did anything good enough and he told me he always thought of himself as a “mistake” before he ended his life. One week before he killed himself we went to guitar city for the very last time where he picked up the same Fender and would play it quietly in a corner. I asked him if he wanted that guitar for his birthday and he told me that it would never get played. It’s awful how you can look back and see things only in hindsight. But I’m glad I found the photo…though sometimes it hurts more to deal with the happier memories then the bad ones.bedroom

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