February 23, 2018

If you are a widow, widower, or lost a significant other to suicide and you are being blamed for their death by their co-workers, their family members or whoever…don’t listen to them. If they think you could have done something to prevent their suicide…cut ties with them. You did the best you could with the knowledge you knew. The most popular catalyst for a suicide is us. If they weren’t married or in a relationship, public enemy #2 becomes the parents..which is equally awful. It’s easier to point the finger at someone who is alive then to look deeper into that person’s mental condition who killed themself. You were not in control of their decision to end their pain. Just know you are not to blame and most likely kept that person around a lot longer then they wanted to stay. And if you think you are alone in your grief journey and have been isolated or left in the wind by others…I highly suggest seeking a suicide loss support group. Best decision I ever made. If you live in the Kansas City area check out www.sass-mokan.comJulie's wedding pic

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