January 18, 2018

LVAC color logo

I am humbled to announce that the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center will be displaying my very first public art show in August and September of this year, just in time for Suicide Awareness Month. My exhibit is called GROUP: Faces After Suicide. I feel it’s time for the public to see what I’ve been drawing for year after year in my support group SASS-MoKan – Suicide Awareness Survivor Support. Letters to the deceased from loss survivors will also be on display. Anyone affected after a suicide will have the opportunity to write a letter at the exhibit and build on the conversation. My late husband thought he was doing me a favor when he killed himself…that seems to be a common thread amongst those who have fallen victim to depression. I’m hoping people will gain a new perspective when they see what us loss survivors have to show them. If you are still wanting to submit a letter for the exhibit please view the Letter Submission menu option on this website. 


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