October 17, 2017

Today Tri-County Mental Health placed an order for my book, “Goodnight Mr. Vincent van Gogh.” Local schools in the Tri-County area will soon begin carrying my book on suicide loss for children…including where I work, North Kansas City School District! This was my vision when writing this story…I wanted the book inside schools, counseling offices, support groups, mental health facilities, funeral homes…anywhere it was needed. Districts have been talking with high schoolers and middles schoolers of late when it comes to suicide prevention and awareness…but what about our little ones? We are not protecting kids when we are silent about a death in the family that is caused by suicide. We only continue the vicious cycle of keeping suicide a shameful secret. Sometimes it’s too late for some who enter secondary school. Why not start the conversation now so they know how to speak up about feelings they might not understand in the future?

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