September 4, 2016

Well, I completed my interview for Fox 4 and it will air at 5pm Monday night. The reporter did not seem to agree with our organization’s statement that suicide is a mental illness. She asked a lot of stigmatized questions..the same stigmas our group is trying to break. I don’t know how they will edit the footage and if our message will be heard. The reporter asked a lot of questions on how the police department affected Brett. I made sure to let her know that even though Brett blamed his job for his death..I did not. That you can’t blame someone or something for somebody’s irrational choice to end their life. Not all people who hate their stressful jobs kill themselves. My husband had a sickness in his mind long before he joined the police department and regardless of his occupation this was going to happen…especially because Brett did not believe in getting the help that he deserved. Hopefully I won’t look like a big crying fool on tv. By the way..thank you to the people who told me they are coming to the walk next Sunday! I hope that the more people we have, the more awareness we can spread..and instead of sweeping mental illness under the rug maybe the less ashamed and embarrassed people would feel to then open up and ask for help.

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