July 25, 2016

Stigma #2. Why did Brett kill himself? Oh, he had a rough marriage.. Guess what people, we didn’t. Brett and I had our ups and downs like normal marriages. It wasn’t until the last year of his life that I noticed a significant change in Brett’s personality and behavior. I was a loving wife. I was a patient wife, a giving wife, a romantic wife, a silly-hearted wife, an open-minded wife… People want to place blame and judgment on the survivors who were closest to the fallen. I’ve heard people talk awful about his mother, his best-friend, his stressful job, and myself. In Brett’s letter he named his job as the catalyst to his suicide. But it wasn’t Brett’s job or anything/ anyone else…he had a mental illness and he just couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t like himself as a person and thought that everyone would be better off without him. He was so, so, so utterly incorrect.Brett 9

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