July 13, 2017

I’ve had several people say to me after hearing about my husband’s suicide, “I’m sure it was stressful for Brett being a cop.” If this is the case, then all cops should have ended their life by now. A lady that heard about my children’s book asked me, “why did your husband kill himself?” My reply was and always will be, “suicide is a mental illness.” She then replied, “Oh, ok, good..so it wasn’t you.” Their statements and many others are the reason why I won’t stop and why I share my husband’s and my story..I don’t care anymore. I have felt just like the song and I will keep telling it until I am blue in the face. I know that I’m not going to stop this unthinkable act that has been happening since before the Greek and Roman times, but I have a feeling that the more people talk about it openly and make it common terminology, like when you hear the words “breast cancer” we can make others more aware…and maybe it will help lessen the number of people to end their lives and encourage them to get help. Now…I gotta go…I’m off to another suicide panel…

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